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Okra African Grill

Okra African Grill provides a fusion of many cultures, harmoniously coming together in delicious dishes. Customizable, flavorful, and fun, the food evokes feelings of nostalgia even for guests who are new to the cuisine. It’s comforting yet exciting; familiar yet surprising. The flavors are rich and deep, and they have an unspoken history in every bite. The restaurant serves to educate and delight, making African cuisine accessible to all.

The restaurant’s ambiance brings friends and families together in an immersive dining experience. With every customer touchpoint, we hope to convey Nina’s vision and the true essence of her food.

To convey that the food is delicious

By highlighting ingredients, like vegetables, herbs, spices, and cooking techniques, we wish to convey that a meal from Okra is going to be a tasty meal.

To educate

In order to break down barriers of the fearful unknown, our goal is to simplify and educate, so even a novice foodie feels comfortable ordering African cuisine. Where has this food come from? Why is it cooked this way? What influenced the dish? How do I order? What ingredients are in that sauce? What’s is like growing up in Africa?

To convey a rich history

Food is a universal language that can build bridges between worlds. The food itself has a robust history and a lot of different influences from around the world. Nina’s story and her passion for cooking food she loves should be evident in the experience. We hope to reconnect people to their roots and bring awareness to a wildly underrepresented culture.

To convey fun

The food is exciting. The people making the food are having fun and doing what they love. You can taste the happiness. There’s a touch of whimsy and playfulness. The environment is bright, joyful, and lively. Okra is not boring, and it’s not pretentious. It’s a place to enjoy good conversation and laughter. It’s a meal to share with people you love. Okra doesn’t take itself too seriously, and believes life is meant to be lived to the fullest.

The visual brand is “inspired by” Africa, with key themes of history and education present as brand texture and detail. Taking notes from bold flavors and ingredients, the brand visuals use bright illustrations or photographs of vegetables, herbs, spices. The look and feel are casual yet refined.

It’s a treat and a privilege to eat at Okra, and guests feel like insiders or foodies-in-the-know enjoying the food. There’s a graceful restraint with a narrow palette of colors to let the food—and the people making—it really stands out.

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